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Foreign Movies

Foreign movies are films that are considered foreign in a particular country. These are films, which are made by another country other, then the country in which it is screening. It
is cast by foreign actors, and produced by foreign directors and producers.

These kinds of films are generally shown at international film festivals and art house cinemas that also show independent films and art films. Most foreign films have only limited releases and modest gross earnings.

Many viewers enjoy foreign films because they are different in many ways. The storyline, the characters how they acts and associate with one another, the different scenes, how it is filmed and edited, and etc. Viewers can learn from foreign films the different cultures and be connected to what is happening around the world.

Most foreign films are subtitled, which discourages some potential viewers. The difference in style and tone between foreign and domestic
films also affects attendance. Some foreign films have wider releases, hence, lots more money.

Famous box office foreign movies include:

  • Rumbles of the Bronx ( Hong Kong, China)
  • Kung Fu Hustle ( Hong Kong, China)
  • The Story of Qiu Yu ( China)
  • Ushpizin ( Israel)
  • Snatch ( United Kingdom)
  • Dish ( France)


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