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Crime Movies

In the start of the 20th century we saw the arrival of crime movies as a new medium. Most crime films are adapted from
real life stories or fiction novels and rarely written directly for the screen.

With crime films which are adapted from fiction novels it is hard to include all details in the screenplays. Even if they are included, financially speaking, a lot of money is at risk: A novel is relatively cheaper to produce compared to a movie. For few authors who had written experimental novels in which the evil forces are not brought to justice were left with two sensible choices:

  • He/she could decline to rewrite their stories (or sell the film rights and have them rewritten) and ignore possible financial benefits and fame.
  • He/she could meet the requirements of the big producers, alter the storyline, include a happy ending, and earn financial success and fame.
Crime in creative writing is of course not restricted to fiction alone. As far as movies are concerned, there are countless
original screenplays dealing with crime and its consequences.


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