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Comedy Movies

A comedy movie is a film laced with humor. It is made to seek and provoke laughter from the viewers. Out of all the different kinds of movies, comedy is one of the largest sorts of medium.

Comedy films can be further divided into several sub-categories: Some of these include:

  • Silent comedy movies – These are movies will no complementary soundtrack. The thought of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is almost as old as the motion picture itself. But before the later 1920's most films made were silent.
  • Romantic comedy movies – These are movies which combines romance of two people with various comic scenes. Romantic comedy always ends with happily ever after. Of course, there are innumerable variations on this basic plotlines.
  • Tragic/Black Comedy movies – These are also known as dark or black comedy movies. They refer to fictional works that blend aspects of the sort of tragedy and comedy. These movies usually end with a happy ending too.

Well known comedy film includes:

  • Kate and Leopold (2001)
  • Kangaroo Jack (2003)
  • You’re Got Mail (1998)
  • Meet the Parents
  • Just Married


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