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Action Movies

Action movies usually involve a very straightforward storyline like good guys versus bad guys, where most disagreements in the movie are resolved by physical force. What makes action films so popular
is that it contains large quality of martial arts movements, large explosions and cool gadgets.

Many action films are derived from crime movies and thriller movies. Exactly who are the good guys differs from movie to movie, but most Hollywood made films usually is patriotic and rather conservative, whereas the bad guys are usually either criminals or agents of foreign powers.

Action films are usually quite expensive to make and require a big budget for special effects and stunt work. Most action movies are made in America, although there have been a considerable
amount of action films from Hong Kong which are mainly modern variation of the martial arts film. Hong Kong's action films naturally center on acrobatics by the protagonist while many American films normally feature big explosions and cool gadgets.

Famous action movie actors include: Arnold Schwarzenegger (True Lies), Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Van Diesel (XXX), Jackie Chan (Rumble of the Bronx), and much more.


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