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Ever since the first shows of 1895, where audience were satisfied to see a single short scene of real life in movement, viewers become fascinated. We soon saw a new era in the 1900's
where single short scene soon developed into "movies" with stories lines where cross-cutting between scenes were used, as well as close shots to establish details.

In 1920's the silent films was recognized as and established international medium for entertainment, education, and propaganda. It wasn't until 1927 where sound was added to the motion pictures, but there were still limitation to overcome. Directors realized that to make a film more interesting to the viewer’s vast additional scope offered by dialogue, sound effects, background music were added.

Till this day, despite fierce competition, feature films made for the cinema still form a major source of popular entertainment, in the motion-picture theatre, on
broadcast television, over the Internet, and on videocassettes, laserdiscs, digital videodiscs, and CD-ROM in the home.

Movies now come in all different kinds to suit everyone's taste.

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